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Supernatural Abilities

Magical Forms of Supernatural Powers

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Magical forms of Supernatural Powers


Astral Projection - This is the ability to become your spirit and fly out of your body, also called OBE (out of body experience).

        While in this state, you can fly through most solid matter and have enhanced telekinesis.  If in a bad mood, evil spirits will be attracted to you and if your in a good mood, good spirits will be attracted to you.  There is a cord connecting you to your body called the astral cord.  NEVER let it snap or your body will die.  You will feel a slight pull or tug when your body needs to be reanimated.  Simply meditate for a few minutes then mentally travel throughout your body, disconnecting every point.  If it doesn't work, they all need to be reconnect.


Blinking - The ability to go anywhere you want to go by thinking of a place and when you blink you go there.  This is a form of teleportation.


Conjuring - The ability to think of something and it magically appears.


Levitation – The ability to lift objects, people, and animals into the air without any visibly physical means and float or fly about.


Materlialization – The ability to create solid objects out of thin air.


Mind Control – The ability to control another’s mind at your will and make them do what you want them to do.


Molecular Combustion - The ability to blow up anything.  This is the first advancement of temporal stasis.  This is about the exact opposite of temporal stasis.  This works anywhere, including outside.  Just like temporal stasis, you have no control over this for awhile until you begin to master it.


Precognition – The ability to “feel” when something bad is going to happen in the future.


Retrocognition – The ability to know something after its occurrence by psychic means.


Scrying – The ability to find something/someone by magic with use of a magical item.


Teleportation – The ability to move yourself, objects, and people instantly from one place to another.


Temporal Ice Stasis - This the the second advancement of temporal stasis.  This literaly "freezes" the person/object/animal into ice.  You have quite a bit of control over this when you get it, but you don't know you have it intil you try to stop the person/object/animal in time.  This has a little kick behind it.  You can choose to use temporal stasis, molecular combustion, and temporal ice stasis whenever you want.  Its not like once you get the new one you can use the other ones, you can.


Temporal Stasis - The ability to stop time/freeze in time a person, animal, or group of people/animals.  You can also freeze an object or multiple objects.  This does not work outside, only in rooms.  Beginners have very little control over this gift and usually hate it.  As you begin to master this, you can freeze a whole city block, freeze for how long to want the things to be frozen in time, and you can unfreeze certain parts (ex. head, arms, feet, ect.)


Source for help with Supernatural Powers


Book of Shadows - This is like the supernatural power encyclopedia.  It has spells, information on demons, and much more.  If you are chosen to get this, you have a lot of rules to follow.

        1). No personal gain from spells

        2). No one can find out that you have powers or you have a huge media problem that only time can fix

        3). You will get a Whitelighter (gardian angel for witches)

        4). Can't use your powers on your family (unless they switched to evil) or you'll lose your powers

        5) More are in the book and your Whitelighter will give you some.

        You will get more information once you get the Book of Shadows