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Supernatural Abilities

Different Types of Kinesis

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The Different Types of Kinesis


Aerokinesis - The ability to create and control the wind.

        Get into a nice open area where you will not be disturbed and after meditating imagine strings of psi streching off of your fingers toward the winds.  Pull, not jerk, you hand where you want the wind to blow.  This takes a while to master and eventually you will be able to bring on strong winds.


Atmokinesis - The ability to create and control the atmosphere.

        This ability has inexpert Thermokinesis, Electrokinesis, and Aerokinesis.  Atmokinesis in long distance can work at a distance in temperature increases, gusting winds, and develop entire storms.  Atmokinesis in short distance can only work at close distances and only produce localized rain, nearby winds, and temperature changes locally.


Atmoskinesis - The ability to create and control all four elemental elements.

        This in the mental inexpert manipulitation of all four element earth/geokinesis, wind/aerokinesis, fire/pyrokinesis, water/hydrokinesis, electricity/electrokinesis.  It also varies in biokinesis.  These people work with the elements themselves. 


Biokinesis - The ability to alter your genes into other human or animal forms.

        Warning:  This especially should not be done except by a practiced psi or ki practitioner, very dangerous.

        Theoretically if you mastered this you could program yourself not to get older and then not die, yes immortality.  No one has achieved that yet, all people have achieved things like running faster, harder to lose stamina, see better, more resistant to temperature, and changing the color of their eyes.  After meditating, see your genes running throught your body in your head.  Make a very thin, sharp needle of psi.  now will the psi needle to go down and dissolve into a mass of psi into your genes programmed to do what it is you what it to do.  MAKE SURE that you cover the whole with psi or your charactor, who you are, will leak out.  This is very dangerous, be carefull.


Chrono Telekinesis - The ability to move people or animals through time.


Chronokinesis - The ability to slow down or speed up ones perception of time.  You could also create time warps or worm holes. 

        You could read entire novels in less than one night or you could get a better picture of things in a game or sport.  If you speed up your time it will be like you are moving at superhuman speed to others and your talk will sound like gibberish, but to you everything will act like it is in slow motion.  If you slow down your time, everything around you will seem really fast and you will appear in slow motion.

        Here is how to nurture your Chronokinesis:

        Step One:  First start by getting a pendulum or clock or something that makes a ticking sound once a second.  Then in your know time get comfortable and relax.

        Step Two:  Now listen to the beats of the object.  Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.  Then focus on this sound and listen for the spaces between the tick tock sound on the silence and blend your energy with the silence and realize that man is not governed by time.  Time is simply a concept created by man.

        Step Three:  Now listen to the spaces between the beats, focus on the measure of silence getting slower and slower.

        Step Four:  Do this for several minutes and then if the beats are getting longer apart from the next one you've done it.  Now just keep practicing and eventually you will get to where you don't need a pendulum or clock.


Cyrokinesis - The abitity to create and control ice.

        Few people know this by name and much less practiced it.  Place your hands over your Dan Tien (just below the belly button and cup your hands in the psi ball position).  First, you have to make a psi ball.  Then, fill it with water, and imagine a strong northern wind gusting in and turning the water into ice.  If done correctly, there should be a cold spot between your hands.  This is where the ice elemetal power really comes from.

        Lowering Temperature:  This is aobut the exact opposite of pyrokinesis, basically just imagine everything you freezing and strong gusts of winds coming in and you shivering.


Electrokinesis - The ability to create and control electricity.

        Using this ability you could shock someone and mess up reception on tvs or radios and such things.  Practice this technique for ten to fifteen minutes a day, meditate while you see your body filling up with electricity, see it flowing inside you until you're good enough to shoot it at something and mess up the reception.

        Another techniquie is to meditate before you go to be and see electricity shooting out of your fingers, eventually you'll see sparks or electricity lines.

        Electro-Ball:  First, make a psi ball.  Then, visualize electricity from your body merging with it and forming a ball of electricity.  If you want to use this to shock someone do not put too much energy into it as it could seriously injure someone and never use it on someone who you know has powers less developed than you do.

        ThunderBall: - First, you must imagine that a bolt of lightning striking down on you surrounding you in a aura of electricity.  Then, you must imagine that it is flowing to your fist then open your palm and imagine it forming into a ball of electricity.

        Thunder Punch: - You start it as a ThunderBall, but once you harness the lightning energy you have to charge it like a psi punch and there is your Thunder Punch.

        Electricity Giving: - First, you have to put psi in your hand and then visualize it turning into electricity.  When you get this, you'll feel your hand tingling and your hand will start to twitch.  Now, put your hand near something electric thats on like a TV and visualize the electicity shooting out from your fingers.  Watch and see what changes.  If this doen't work at first, try it again.

        Electricity Drain: - To do this, turn your psi into electricity.  Then, go up to something that uses electricity.  Make sure it is shut off for safty reasons.  Now visualize electricity shooting into it and absorbing the electric energy inside it into u.  Visualize the energy as a yellow color.


Hydrokinesis - The ability to create and control water.

        In many ways this is like telekinesis, but it can only influence molecules in liquid state.  One technique is to get a glass of water and imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out of your third eye chakr and pulling up the water.  This takes a lot of practice, but if done correctly you should see the water bulge up.  You can try and push down to condense the water too if you want.


Magnokinesis – The ability to control magnetic field, metal, and magnets


Photokinesis - The ability to create control/manipulate light.

        With this ability, you could control lighting, change the color of light, bend small lasers, make your aura visible to others, and much morel  You could also create minor illusions.  One technique is to go to a dark room and then imagine a ball a light particles in your hand.  Then, imagine them shooting out in a straight line from you finger/fingers.  You could also try to make a lighted psi ball or create light and much more.


Pyrokinesis - The ability to create and control fire.

        Warning:  Uncontroled pyrokinesis can be very dangerous to yourself and/or others around you.  Be very careful if you chose to pratice this at your own risk.

        The best way to practice your skills is called the dancing flame.  First, light a candle or a match.  Then, envision a tunnel between your mind and the flame or a beam and your blocking everything but the match/candle out of your view so that you can't see it correctly.  Next, focus on the flame and will your mind to put it out, see the flame going out in your mind.  This is the easy part, the hard part is trying to get the match/candle to relight.  Once you've mastered putting the flame out, you should focus on the ember relighting.  After a few hard weeks of practicing, the ember should glow red as if it wants to relight.  After you've practiced this enough, you should get the candle/match to relight.  This does work.  Once you've mastered all of this you should move on to bigger flames (if you used a match move to the candle, as it is harder).


Telekinesis - The ability to control objects/move objects.

        There are many different ways to practice and hone your telekinetic skills, but one of the main one is called the psi wheel. 

        Cut a piece a paper into a four inch square and fold each corner into the middle and put a push pin in the middle to hold it so you folded it face up.  Now imagin the energy of your mind flowing out of each of your hand chakras and willing the wheel to turn.  This takes a long time to master and it is difficult but it does work.

        Another way to hone your telekinetic skills is to take a preferably light metal object such as a cheap ring that weighs almost nothing.  Place it in front of you.  Block everything out but the ring and envision a tunnel between you and the ring.  Then, imagine a tentacle of energy reaching out from your third eye chakra and pulling the ring towards you/push it away.  This also takes a lot of practice and this to does work.